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Let's face it. The online teaching world is constantly changing.  No matter what stage you're at with your online teaching business, now more than ever, it's so important to take control of the direction you are taking your business so you can feel confident in the income you bring in and see long-term success. 

But, how do you know what direction you're supposed to go in to start building your dream online business? 

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You see -  I've been where you are.  

Tons of ideas swirling in your head of how you can expand and grow, but overwhelmed with how to take action and keep the motivation when you are juggling so many other day-to-day things. 

What if I told you that there are simple, yet effective, strategies you can start implementing today to be more efficient with your time management, decision-making and marketing efforts? 

Over the past year, I have had to dig really deep to find solutions to these problems.


I discovered that it doesn't have to be a constant battle against time to get everything done that I need to accomplish. 


By focusing on the right aspects of my business and moving ONLY in the direction of reaching my goals,  I have been able to continually see my business progress, while spending more time with my kids and doing the things I love. 

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The monthly membership that helps online teachers who struggle with knowing where to focus their energy to be able to confidently grow their online teaching business. It provides them with strategies to improve essential areas in business such as time management, decision making, marketing, and ultimately, be more effective with online teaching + building multiple streams of income. 

In just one year, I went from an independent contractor with two online teaching platforms to a six-figure teacherpreneur with 12 streams of income.  My audience continues to grow and I consistently find ways to improve my business without dedicating more time and energy than needed. 

I'm handing over my secrets to success.

Here's what you'll take away and apply to your own online teaching business:


+ Increase productivity: Learn how to get more done in your online teaching business without dedicating more time


+ Improve decision-making: Understand what parts of your business take priority so you are clear on the goals that you need to accomplish first


+ Marketing made easy: Learn strategies to market your business that are simple, effective, and productive


+ Improve your focus: Stop writing to-do lists that never get checked off and only keep growing


+ Social media strategies: Gain knowledge on different marketing approaches such as email marketing, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest


+ Be accountable: Experience accountability through our weekly virtual co-working hour


+ Build a support system: Network with other online teacherpreneurs to gain support and inspiration

Above the Clouds

Sounds amazing!


When you enroll today, here's what you'll get:
+Monthly Masterclasses (value: $997)  *FIRST MASTERCLASS DROPS 10/15/21
+Resources & Templates to maximize your growth and efficiency (value: $150)
+Weekly Virtual Co-Working Hour for accountability (value: $50)
+Monthly Group Coaching through live Zoom calls (value: $450)
+Exclusive access to the private DTA community (value: PRICELESS)



Take your online teaching business from stalled to SERIOUSLY succeeding without forking out all that cash though.  I want to see you thrive and to do it without breaking the bank!

YOU can get started today for:


White Desk




Here's what you'll get each month as a member:

+  Monthly Masterclass Trainings

+  Weekly Virtual Co-Working Hour

+  Monthly Live Q+A Zoom Calls

+  Access To The DTA Private Community                

We will take group coaching to a more personalized experience with our monthly live q+a calls on Zoom.  Get your questions answered directly by me. If you aren't able to attend live, then you can access the replays of the Zoom calls at any time inside of your membership portal. 

I know the struggle with staying on track when you have so much going on in your day-to-day life.  Each week, we will have a virtual co-working hour where you can join us on Zoom to work for an hour on that week's top priority for your online teaching business.  You don't have to speak, just show up and work!

Each month, you will receive access to a new mini-training on a variety of topics. This format allows you to acquire a catalog of masterclasses that grows bigger each month that you are a member.  One month's topic may not be relevant to you at that moment, but three months from then, it could be something you need that you can always come back to. It grows with you as your needs change. 

Networking is a huge attribute to my success as a teacherpreneur.  I have been able to surround myself with a supportive community of other like-minded teacherpreneurs.  The community inside of the Dynamic Teacher Association is such a crucial part of this membership. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here's the thing...I want you to get the most out of this membership.  You deserve to invest in something that is going to ignite your passion for being a teacherpreneur and take you from "getting by" to EXCELLING. 

This is why I am offering a full 30-day money-back guarantee. See if DTA is a fit for you. Watch and implement the first months masterclass, join the live Q&A call, keep yourself accountable by showing up to the virtual co-working hour, and network in the Dynamo Community with other like-minded teacherpreneurs. 

If you're not satisfied after 30 days of being a part of the Dynamic Teacher Association, email me at and ask for a full refund.