Teach Online with Outschool

Interested in teaching online? Outschool is an education platform that offers online classes for children ages 3-18. Outschool's classes are conducted through Zoom and range in subjects from core curriculum to interest-based topics.   Teachers with Outschool's platform are hired as independent contractors and are allowed to teach an array of subjects.  These topics can range from geometry, dinosaurs, public speaking to cooking classes. It is all about what you are an expert at and what you have passion for!  Teachers on Outschool's platform are required to create their own lessons/content. 

Or read below for more information on what it is like being an Outschool teacher!

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  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Reside full time in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England or Wales

  • You are NOT required to have any formal teaching credentials 

  • Reliable + fast internet connection

  • Possess technical know-how of how to effectively run online classes

  • Maintain a good command of written and spoken English

  • Verify identity + run criminal background check

Application Process:

  • Written application

  • Video application (of you teaching a mock class)

  • Identity verification (if the application meets standards)

  • Background check  (if the application meets standards)

  • Complete short Outschool training on class content + safety/privacy policies 

Once you are approved to teach, you are free to create class listings and schedule sections for learners to enroll in! 


  • What is the pay for teachers?

    • As an Outschool teacher, you are able to determine your own earnings by setting the price per learner for each class you offer.   Outschool takes a service fee of 30% of your total earnings for one class and the teacher receives 70% of the earnings.​




                            If I teach one 30 minute class to a group of 6 students (learners) and I charge                                  $10 per student,  the total amount received would be $60.00 for that 30                                          minute class.  Outschool would keep $18.00 (30%) and the teacher would                                        receive a total of $42.00. 

  • How are teachers paid? 

    • Outschool sends payments for each class taught using PayPal.   Typically Outschool will send a payment for the class, 7-8 days after its start date. ​

    • For ongoing classes, Outschool makes these payments on Sundays in batch payments

    • Outschool is responsible for receiving the payment from the parents and then distributing the teacher's portion through PayPal. 

  • How long are the classes, what times can I teach, how many students are in each class? 

    • Teachers are in charge of deciding how long each class should be. You are in full control of the length of time, how many students are in each class and what time you teach.  

    • Outschool provides classes to countries all over the world! The options are endless for the times you are able to teach. 

  • What should I teach? 

    • It's important to consider 3 things when deciding what you should teach on Outschool's platform.​​

      • What do you have passion for?​

      • What are you an expert at?

      • What could be in demand from parents/learners?

    • I highly encourage you to take a look at Outschool's website to see what kind of classes are currently being offered!  There are so many subjects/topics that you are able to offer your expertise on!

  • How do parents find my classes to enroll their students?

    • Outschool is responsible for marketing its platform to parents.  There is little work that has to be done on your part to gain exposure to parents searching for classes (if you do it the right way, of course!)

Interested in applying?

  Click my referral link down below for personalized help from me throughout the hiring process.  Once you have clicked the link and created a teaching account to continue with the application, shoot me an email at laney@lifewithlaney.com to receive helpful resources to walk you through the written and video application!