Organizing Your Online Teaching Business With Google Drive

Updated: Jan 1

If you've ever wondered how you can better manage your time and create more ease in your online teacher business so that you can actually work less while still making money, well then you're in the right place. Get ready to streamline your business workflows because that's exactly what I'm covering in today's blog post.

I am going to talk about these three things.

  1. We'll cover why it's important for you to use an organizational tool, such as Google Drive in your business.

  2. I'll share all the reasons why I specifically choose Google Drive for my digital file organization.

  3. I'll show you my exact process for how I established a structure to my Google Drive files and how I use it to keep me on track in my business.

Why You Need An Organizational Tool Like Google Drive

If you have an online teacher business then digital file organization and management is vital for productivity. And when I say "online teacher business," this applies to any type of product or service based business. Online teachers, private tutors, TPT sellers, coaches, course creators, virtual assistants, you name it.

I hear from teachers all the time about how their biggest struggle within their business is time management. Having an organized digital workspace can save you so much time by reducing the amount of time spent searching for documents, hunting for information, completing work and more.

Having a structure to how you store your digital documents makes it really easy to find exactly what you're looking for when it's all in the exact same place.

The best part about using a Digital File Management system is that it allows you to automate certain parts of your business and be more efficient with your daily tasks. For example, when I create a new YouTube video, I have an entire workflow set up in a Google Doc that makes sure that nothing is missed in my process for posting new content. I never have to scramble to figure out what step is next or post a video and realize that I missed an important aspect.

The automation of my process is also streamlined because every part of my workflow is within my very organized Google Drive.

P.S. — If you're wondering how you can get started creating workflows in your online teacher business to create more automation, check out this link for access to my Free Workflow Creation Guide. It will walk you through how to define and document the steps that are involved in a certain process of your business.

I have workflows for posting new classes on Outschool's platform, launching a new program or membership, listing a boom deck on Boom Learning's website, the list goes on and on.

Why I Use Google Drive For My Digital File Management System

There are a ton of tools available for you to use for your digital file organization. I have tried so many over the past year, including Asana, Trello, Airtable, you name it.

But for me, I thrive with simplicity. All of the other programs seemed a little too overwhelming for me and I was already using Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets so much that I was able to bypass the learning curve and start increasing my productivity immediately when I committed to using Google Drive.

Here are the reasons why Google Drive is such a fantastic system.

  • You have the ability to access essential documents from any device. At any point I can sign in to my Google Drive on my desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad. It is so accessible no matter where I am. Not only that, but I can edit or annotate any of those digital files from all of those devices as well. This is huge. As a mom who is constantly on the go, I can squeeze in a little work no matter where I'm at. This allows for a ton of freedom and flexibility within my business.

  • Not only can I edit and annotate these digital files, but so can my virtual assistant. Google Drive's sharing feature allows you to grant other people access to specific documents or even an entire Google Drive. If you have a virtual assistant, or you run an organization on Outschool's platform, this is a great way to collaborate with your team members. Gone are the days of wasting time sending emails with documents back and forth. With Google Drive, you can simultaneously work with your team on your digital files and cut out the hassle of waiting for someone to finish what they're working on.

  • One of the biggest factors of why I choose to use Google Drive is because of how efficient and streamlined everything within Google is. There are various Google apps that benefit me in my business including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and even Google Keep. So because they have so many documentation forms, I can really create and store EVERYTHING in my Google Drive. Not to mention the fact that Google Drive also allows you to upload non-Google files like PDF's, PNGs and JPEGs and even audio and video files. You can truly do it all within Google Drive.

How I Organize and Structure My Google Drive Files For My Business

Now, let's take a look at my Google Drive so you can see exactly how I set it up to organize my files. But first I want you to keep in mind that the goal with digital file organization is to work smarter, not harder. Keep things simple. There is such a thing as over-organizing, but I'm going to show you how to prevent that. Watch this video to get a sneak peak into my Google Drive and how you can set yours up for success.

Okay, now you know exactly how to get started organizing your digital files in Google Drive. If you liked this video then let me know by hitting that like button and clicking subscribe! And don't forget to download your Free Workflow Creation Guide for more automation in your business….here's to more ease and less hustle in your online teacher business. See you in the next one!

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